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Nagasaki, Japan is a beautiful and historic city.  Participants will fall in love with the romantic charm of the city and the warmth and friendliness of the people!  And, we will visit Peace Park to remind us of why international exchange programs are so important to world peace, understanding and friendship.  That and other sightseeing and recreation activities (onsen, karaoke, etc) are included in the schedule.



The summer workshop was designed for American college students and recent graduates interested in teaching English as a Second Language either at home or abroad. 

We also welcome current teachers wishing to visit Japan and learn some now innovations in ESL developed in our English for the Next Generation program.  And, while the program was designed in collaboration with our American university partners, we are very enthusiastic to also accept applicants from other English-speaking countries.


The two-week workshop includes:  1. ESL Teaching seminars focusing on lesson planning for all age levels.  2. Review of English education in Japan, China and South Korea,  3. Classroom teaching experience at all levels (Host schools include: Seibonikisi Kindergarten, Nanzan Elementary, Seido Junior High, Nagasaki East High School and Kwassui University),  4. Information and introductions to teaching jobs in Japan, China and South Korea. 

 Certification: All members receive a TEFL Workshop Certificate for the program.  And, those with appropriate teaching and classroom experience can also receive a TEFL Certificate.  Contact us for details.

GHJ has been dedicated to the promotion of friendship and cooperation through education and culture exchange between the people of the United States and Japan for the past 30+ years.  With Asia Pacific TEFL we plan to continue and enhance that mission including expansion to many other countries.  Several hundred-thousand students, counselors, teachers and host families have taken part in our programs.



Fees & Expenses

Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, Japan (One of the top 3 night views in the world!!)


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Asia Pacific TEFL 2018 Summer Workshop

June16-June30 Nagasaki, Japan

The biggest benefit of the workshop is that you obtain experience in overseas classroom teaching in a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high, a high school and a university.  It will help you decide if a career in ESL teaching is for you.  It will help you decide what level you prefer.  It will introduce you to a wide-variety of overseas teaching opportunities.  And, it will make you a very, very strong candidate when applying for any teaching position.

TEFL Teaching Practicum (Internship)

Summer, 2018 (Pilot)

Summer, 2019

Workshop Tuition: $635

Hotel Stay: $450 (double occupancy)

Meal Money: $225 est. (some meals covered by program)

 Airline Ticketing: You are required to purchase your own airline ticket to Japan however we can help find you a group discount fare.  (Contact us for details) 

 Exception: Those also accepted as summer counselors at USA Summer Camp will have their airline tickets purchased by the camp program to fit the workshop early arrival date.

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June 16 – June 30         This period is during the summer break for American schools but schools in Japan are in session until later July.  This allows participants to gain teaching practice in real classroom settings.  The dates are right before the start of our USA Summer Camp program so accepted and applicant counselors are also encouraged to apply.