Asia-Pacific TEFL is a new-style approach to provide training, overseas teaching

experience, teaching-job placements and TEFL Certification in Asia for college

students and recent graduates with an interest and passion for Teaching English as

a Foreign Language.

 The summer workshops and term internships are organized and sponsored

by Guy Healy, Japan in collaboration with American universities and public and

private schools in Japan.  And, while the current programs are conducted in Japan,

future programs and job-placements are also being planned with schools in both

China and South Korea.

 GHJ has been providing innovative English education and cultural exchange programs in Japan since 1984.  Participants in this TEFL program will be exposed to several new innovative approaches to ESL training that have been developed at our USA Summer Camp and English for the Next Generation education programs, including “Finite Fluency”.  Participants at our workshops will also experience teaching practicum experience at all levels, kindergarten through college and adult courses.

Our past counselors and interns on GHJ programs have enjoyed a big advantage in securing overseas teaching jobs in Asia – more than 300 have been selected for teaching jobs in Japan including the JET Program.

 The purpose of this program is to help the participants become more prepared, more qualified and more informed on the choices and potentials of teaching English in Asia..

sponsored by....

GHJ has been dedicated to the promotion of friendship and cooperation through education and culture exchange between the people of the United States and Japan for the past 30+ years.  With Asia Pacific TEFL we plan to continue and enhance that mission including expansion to many other countries.  Several hundred-thousand students, counselors, teachers and host families have taken part in our programs.


“Helping one person might not change the world,

but it could change the world for one person.”

TEFL Teaching Practicum (Internship)

Summer, 2018 (Pilot)

Summer, 2019

​Asia Pacific TEFL

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