TEFL Teaching Practicum (Internship)

Summer, 2018 (Pilot)

Summer, 2019


Mid-May to Mid-August        


Early January to Early April


Mid-September to Mid-December

Credits & Financial Aid 

How to apply?

Contact us to receive information and application form or to ask any questions.

Email: info@asiapacifictefl.org


Tuition:           $1035
Room & Board: $300- $400 per month (three months)
Airfare:           Round-trip fare to/from Fukuoka, Japan 

                                          (estimate: $1100 - $1500)

Contact us for more detailed information including personal spending money estimates. 


Message from Guy Healy: 

Many years ago when we started bringing American students to Japan for our programs, I never expected the huge impact the experience would have on so many of their lives.  I was much more focused on the impact their
work as counselors and interns would have on young Japanese lives.  I was most surprised by how many decided that they wanted to come back to Japan to teach English.
More than 300 became teachers in Japan and many others did the same in both China and South Korea.  More than 200 were selected by the popular JET Program. 
There are many, many teaching opportunities in Asia but each year the competition for those jobs becomes more intense.  This internship will be a life-impacting experience for all but has been especially designed to utilize our long history and connections with both public and private schools in Japan to put our interns at the front of the line when applying for teaching jobs.


Teaching Internship & TEFL Certificate
Term Program (3 months)

The Asia Pacific TEFL term internship program has been specially designed by Guy Healy, Japan to be the ultimate TEFL teacher training program in Japan.  Interns in the program will be the most qualified and best trained applicants for teaching jobs in Asia. 

GHJ has been dedicated to the promotion of friendship and cooperation through education and culture exchange between the people of the United States and Japan for the past 30+ years.  With Asia Pacific TEFL we plan to continue and enhance that mission including expansion to many other countries.  Several hundred-thousand students, counselors, teachers and host families have taken part in our programs.


These internships may be eligible for university credits and/or financial aid at your college
or available through transfer from one of our partner American universities.  

Contact us for more information on credits and financial aid availability.

Team Intern placements at public or private schools
ESL Teacher Training Seminars & Teaching Practice Sessions (evaluated)
Japanese Language Training Program (optional)
TEFL Certificate Award
Contact us for a more detailed description of current open internships.

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